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Custom Leather Jacket Bag - Made from your own jacket

Custom Leather Jacket Bag - Made from your own jacket

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I can make your old leather jacket into a new one of a kind bag. Worn in leather has an amazing feel and it's a wonderful way to make use of something sentimental that would otherwise go unworn. Your bag will have the unique features of your jacket showcased as the nostalgia of its former life is carried forward. 

In most cases the size and shape of your jacket will dictate the size of your bag. Leather jackets tend to be soft and lend themself very well to a slouchy purse rather than something like a messenger bag which would require more structure. 


  • Your bag will be made as big as the jacket allows, unless you specify that you would like a particular smaller size
  • A secure zipper top closure
  • One interior zipper pocket
  • Choose your interior fabric from options I email to you, or let me choose for you
  • If your jacket has pockets they will usually be featured on the front of the bag
  • Choose from a long strap, shorter shorter strap, handles, or both
  • Option to have your jacket combined with a complementing fabric (on the bottom of the bag for example)  

Please email me a picture of your jacket, along with any questions you may have if you are wondering if your leather jacket would be a good candidate for a remake.

*The customer is responsible to pay for shipping the jacket to me. Alternately, arrangements can be made for local drop-off/pickup/delivery. 

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